Paint what you Love

I learned a long time ago that my best work was what I loved. Be it subject matter, or design.

When my heart was in it, so was my brush and the results seemed to reflect the love. I hardly ever paint what I think will sell or what others may be looking for. I paint for me, price the item to what I would pay for it, and/or submit for publication consideration.

I have also found that if you paint what you love to begin with, and continue onward you will improve your techniques, learn to mix colors to achieve what you are looking for, use different brushes until you find what works, use different brands of paint until you find what seems to work best , and develop your very own technique of painting.

It seems that once you find what works when you branch off ---- it is easier to achieve.

So when I read the phrase Paint what you love and love what you paint I can't help but smile with agreement.

I also am not one "to follow" because "so and so" is doing it. I tried that once about 12 years ago and absolutely hated it...and have never made the mistake a second time. Thank goodness I learned that early also.

If something works for me, and I am liking the results why should I use "something else?" If something is not working for me then yes, I need to make adjustments. I have found that the adjustments may not be what I thought.....It could be attitude, style, technique or the lack of, or ability and not the brush, the paint, the keep this in mind when you are having a

So enjoy what you are doing and try to make your art your own, and not someone elses.

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