Mixed Media Necklace Design Play Acrylic Paints Rubber Texture Stamp Mat

I have been selling Rubber Texture Mat Stamps on Etsy for several years and it is well past time for me to play with them and do some designing of my own with them.  I just never seemed to have time to "play".

The stamp I used for this design is Van Gough by Christi Friesen who lives in Tehachapi, CA...

Check out my Etsy shoppe for this stamp and others for your designing pleasure.  I have several pieces that are baked using different stamps and are waiting for the embellishment and painting stages.........  www.artisticrenderings.etsy.com

I am using Sculpey Ultra Light weight clay (white)
Liquitex Soft Body Paints in Burnt Umber and Permanent Blue
Sea Urchin Shells (horizontal pieces)
The beads in the first photo are ceramic...the beads in the 2nd photo are handmade clay beads from Romania....

The final design is "to be determined" and right now is just in the beginning stages of development.  Things change as I begin the actual process of putting things together...

I have laid  aside some  Baroque Gilders Paste in Rust and Silver which I may decide to use to further enhance the stamps' design impressions and better match the Sea Urchin pieces.  (I purchased these at a really nice bead shoppe in Florence, Oregon when I was visiting last weekend.  I am always looking for neat, unique pieces to use in my art work.)

I will be using the Dynasty FM Dry Brush in a size to accommodate the focal piece...probably a # 4 or #6.  They are soft but not squishy soft so they will allow me to just apply the paste to the very top of the design impressions....

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