Feather Lampwork Necklace

When I create......I never know just what will happen,  how it will turn out, what I will use, or even what I am going to create..... Painting, jewelry, mixed media, faux stained glass, crochet....I just let it happen as it happens.....  Life mode.

This feather is a hand marbled African Grey feather done by a good friend of mine from the East Coast and is found at www.quillnaros.etsy.com  She does the most marvelous feathers from a variety of different molted feathers....she has several birds which are the delight of her life.  So check out her site because you are in for a REAL TREAT with her artistic endeavors......

I don't know who the artist is of the large glass encased handmade lamp work bead but it matches PERFECTLY with the feather.    I have used 2 different colors of wood beads along with 4 small handmade lamp work beads and have strung the entire focal necklace onto cording....

Right now I am not sure if this is mine or if I will put it up for sale in my Etsy shop but had to share the creative journey of fun.....

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