Floral Drop Painting (COMING SOON)

I saw a floral picture that I just loved on Facebook so I am going to use it as inspiration for a painting.
This is the background...and I am thrilled with it.

I used:
Liquitex Soft Bodied Paints   (3 Colors)
IPC Dynasty Brushes
Portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board.

I have NO idea if one would be able to obtain the same results with other paints/brushes/surfaces....I can only vouch for what I prefer and what gives ME the results I want in what I paint.  I do know that I have been using these products for the past 8 years and have no desire to make any product changes.....  When something works why change it?  Change only when it "doesn't" work.  

Hopefully I will find time to work on and complete this painting by this time next week....have several florals  I want to do  with the same type of a background but just a couple of colors....
Will use the same paints, (different colors) same portrait grade canvas boards (but different sizes) and brushes.  Will be adding a couple of different brushes from the Dynasty line for the floral portions and I already know they are going to work perfect for what I want to achieve.

Maybe I should put out a floral kit that contains pattern/instructions/supply list and vendor list for paints ....  canvas and brushes....     hmmmmmm.  Any feedback?

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