Monika Brint Design

Monika Brint has been one of my favorite whimsical design artists for years and I find painting her designs to be relax full and fun......  I have always loved her vertical extensions of elements.  This design was painted on a tall slender portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board.  It was the PERFECT size for the design.

I added snow to the trees, the top of the hill, under the houses, on the roofs  trees and deer and a couple of areas on the deer.  Also added was Americana Glamour Dust paints which I LOVE and use in nearly all of the paintings I do....  Just that tiny, little bit of bling that seems to just animate paintings, makes them more realistic and adds a bit of mystery to the pieces..... or so "I" think.

Tonight I started another of her designs with a Santa, to which I have made some changes from the original design and painting it on a hinged wooden tie surface I had and have no idea where I originally found them...darn.  Another of my favorite things are unique and different surfaces....they just seem to provide more inspiration .....

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.