ACRYLIC PAINTING The Metolious River …. Camp Sherman, Oregon

After spending a few days here I knew that I had to do a painting (or two, or three) from the photos I took.  It is hard to believe that the water is this blue….but it is….  No matter where you are on the river it is a gorgeous site…. and different.  The water mesmerizes and is a great place to meditate.  Quiet, water sounds, a few birds chirping, people voices in the far distance, a nice breeze and solitude.

This was painted with Liquitex Soft Body acrylics and a minimum of brushes by Dynasty.  Love their dry and foliage brushes and use them pretty much for  everything just by using different sizes or from different lines.   IMHO the best performing brushes on the market.

The canvas is a square gallery canvas from JoAnnes which is normally not my choice but it was the right size so I struggled through ----  I usually use portrait grade hand wrapped canvas boards by Sharks so the bigger nubbies gave me a few problems…..Normally I use these less expensive and nubbier canvas pieces for mixed media paper work as it gives the paper a faux painted look.    I painted the four sides with Paynes Grey (one of my favorite colors) and when I was done I used Glamour Dust Ice Crystal paint by Americana (to shimmer with colors) on the water portion for the sparkle the way the river does naturally.  A gorgeous place to camp or visit…..  some sites are RIGHT on the river just a few feet from your camper.  Totally relaxing….and one hates to leave, but only an hour drive from where we live….

This was fun to watch it "develop" and exciting as I neared completion.  I have a Dead End sign photo I want to paint and another of a fly fisherman in the river with chest waders.


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