Bend is a unique, busy, artistic, beautiful little (but growing darn it) city that never ceases to amaze me.

Craft beer distilleries are everywhere along with growlers (jugs to fill with yer' favorite beer and/or brand) , fill stations, and fantastic food.  I just discovered Swill which is a citrusy beer that is light and refreshing….and I DON'T normally like the taste of beer but this one is the exception.  It is made by 10 Barrel Brewing here in Bend.

Now….it seems as if a drink called Kombucha is the rage amongst residents….  The preference brand HUMM;  which is made right here in Bend, comes in various flavors and everyone seems to have a favorite.   At our awesome Farmers' Market which is Wednesday afternoons you can sample the flavors and buy different size containers or   buy a Humm growler have it filled with your favorite Humm Kombucha--- some even have flavors mixed…..I think there are 9 different flavors and endless personal mixtures when purchasing on tap.  Right now just a few markets carry the Kombucha but it is getting more prevalent.   There are several different companies marketing the Kombucha but Bend residents are "Hummers"…..  Coconut Lime is my daughters' favorite, my friend Candace opps for Chai, and I prefer the Strawberry Lemonade, but check out their other "flavors".

Kombucha takes me back to the Hires root beer that my sister and I helped our parents make and bottle with a special little bottler back in the 50's…..the longer it 
fermented the stronger it would get …. and every so often would "pop" their caps and make a mess.

If you want to get the "story" behind Kombucha go to: and read all about it.

KOMBUCHA………seems like it should be another form of gazoontite (sneeze blessing).

Stay cool everyone……we are in the 90's this 4th of July.

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