MEGA rubber Stamps


The company I purchase these awesome rubber stamps from have just come out with some LARGE MEGA rubber stamps that are 7 times larger than their normal ones but just as wonderfully detailed and intricate.   These MEGA stamps are 9 1/4" x 6 and for each design there are two different "types" of cuts….Fineline, Regular and what they call reverse….others call outties…

In the next month working with these stamps is one of my goals.  Try different things and see what happens.  I especially want to use them on some CitrArt pieces.  Just the right size for what might be some really interesting additional "effects".   There is a product called Cool Slip which you spray on your tile as the soft clays that are recommended and the metal clays have a tendency to adhere more that we might want without the release.   I have used even the fine lline stamps and have gotten wonderful imprints with clay as well as with acrylic paints ….  so many different artistic uses.  And jewelry…..that is a whole "nutther" story…..  Love these stamps for pendants and brooches, etc.

I have listed just a few of the MEGAS" m on my Etsy site but will be adding more designs in the next couple of weeks along with some brand new designs in the smaller ones that are also awesome so keep checking the shoppe out for new and different upcoming feature items you won't want to miss.

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