Camp Sherman, Oregon Metolious River

Tomorrow I will be HERE…and with temperatures in the 90's here in Bend and to be continued;  the river is going to be "the best".

Larry didn't care for it as there is no quad riding so he wasn't interested so I conned my friend Candace to share the journey…  Larry is taking us up with the RV  and then will come back up on Monday and pick us up to come home….. About a 45 minute drive for us.

It will be cooler and just the music of the water will be wonderful as the sites with no hookups will be right along the river much like this spot was….

There is a PO and a SMALL little country store in Camp Sherman so it is quiet yet noisy with the chatter of everyone eating ice cream outside the store.

I have art materials packed, a couple of movies if we get bored (which isn't likely to happen) and I think the main item on the agenda are spirit dolls which we'll make from "walk gatherings" looking for natures treasures.   I have started mine using sticks and driftwood from the first walk a month ago.   We have meals prepared lots of goodies, cameras,  comfortable lawn chairs, and reading material….. so we are all set----although there will no doubt be things we will wish we had…or forgot.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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