Stamping on Fabric

I have had several inquiries about using the rubber stamps I sell on Etsy on fabric.  Since I don't use the stamps in this manner, but know of others who do I did a bit of research and this is what I found out looking at a tutorial by Lenna Andrews.

Use inks and paints formulated to be heat set for permanency on fabric.  Inks you might have for metal or paper is not the same kind of ink as one that has been designed to become permanent on fabric after heat setting.

Pre Wash your fabric.

Tsukineko Fabrico/Versacraft inkpads and Lumiere paint are perfect choices for fabric as well as So Soft Fabric Paints by DecoArt or your brand of choice.

Ink pads are just the thing to use for a more detailed rubber stamp image on fabric.

Reink your stamp for each impression

Smooth fabrics without a lot of texture/nap and with a tight weave work best.

Fabric Paint.
  1.  Use a foam brush or cosmetic sponge to tap or smooth the paint on

Heat setting is the most important thing you can do to preserve your fabric stamping.
  1.  Stamping must be completely dry
  2.  Hot dry iron ….no water
  3.  Iron about 2 minutes on each area.
  4.  A piece of muslin to cover the stamping can be used
  5.  Iron both sides of fabric.
  6.  Do not wash for one week
  7.  100% cotton or silk (natural fabrics) will hold fabric inks or paints better than poly blend.

Also remember that you can use bleach on the stamps to remove color from the fabric instead of adding color….Tide has a bleach pen that would work great for small designs.

Stamps should be washed with a mild soap and water.

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