Painting Altered Art #2

(My lupine was flowerless this year (so far) but my neighbors in puple, blue and fushia were gorgeous.
Maybe next year.  These grow wild here on our hillside
especially on the way to Portland….


In yesterdays' mail I rec'd a sample of a portrait fine grade wrapped custom canvas board that I asked the supplier of my canvas boards to work up for me.   The canvas piece will be 16" x 4" and just the right size for this Buddah design.   I have been working on it on and off for a couple of days now so I am hoping to finish it up by mid week so I can show it as Painting Altered Art #3…..   I am contemplating putting together a pattern packed for this design which uses Americana Paints and Dynasty Brushes and the little knicky knacky brass elements are artist choice…and I have used the Hot Fix swarowski crystals for that bling that adds so much to the finished piece.  So if you are interested; start searching the internet for some vendors who might have what you are looking for.  In the pattern packet I will list sources for items I have used.    Although the design is the same as my other one…..the backdrop is a different color as well as the elements I am using.  I like it done on both the canvas and the barrel stave….just depends on the "look" you are wanting to achieve…….

This is a fun piece to do and requires a little technique in blending colros, slip slap backgrounds, etc.
If you don't know for sure just how the techniques are done this might be a pattern packet that will interest you……especially if you want to do a little altered art piece that is painted and add some bling,
and dimensional elements to the piece…..OR, maybe you just want to simply paint the design of the Buddah and add to elements to the piece…..ARTISTIC LICENSE is wonderful and I am always using it.

Photos will be coming soon….

Also on another table in my little creative corner are some altered art brass pill boxes that I will be listing on my Etsy site for sale.  Each has an interior mirror, hinged, antique brass, plastic liner, and they will be so neat for pills, hearing aid batteries or hearing aids, stamps, mints, etc.  Anything you might need a little container for that is handmade and pretty.  I love little pieces of art.


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