Marry Your Muse by Jan Phillips

A friend gave me this book to read and it is UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC and a must read for anyone who is creative, thinks they are creative, or wants to be creative.  I began reading it last night and only quit because my eyes would no longer focus....and I went to sleep thinking about what I had read.   it created such a warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment and peace as she identified feelings that were familiar to me as I create "whatevers"....   I have so many areas of art that move me .... bring me joy .... etc.  and an appreciation of what others do.  She is an amazing writer who is able to convey what I know is truly felt from deep inside her creative soul.  

I have an Amazon Echo so I went into my Audible account and it is also available there for purchase.....   My Echo is in my studio and I love being read to as I loose myself in my artistic endeavors........

I GUARANTEE you will NOT be disappointed in this book and will devour it in total pleasure.

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