Gallery Glass by Plaid Faux stained glass

I am back working on some faux stained glass pieces, working up to a 6 paned vintage window to hang on my porch this summer for some visual privacy from a yard of stored campers that are pretty unsightly.  I have several small pieces "in process" on these curved beveled glass pieces that stand ever so nicely in a window....and I have done several on flat pieces then framed and hang by a chain in a window (which is how the vintage window I am going to do will be displayed.)  They are fun, easy,  and allow me to totally go within myself.    Since I have last worked with these paints they have come out with a lot of new colors (mainly shimmers) which are going to be fun trying and working with.  I prefer the thin rubberized leading vs the liquid but it is all a matter of preference and probably as I work forward; design lineage.  In both pieces I have used the glass beads which I purchased a long time ago from Plaid....but are no longer available.  I am dealing with macular denerative disease so working these pieces is acting as a type of therapy with the disease and learning to see differently....

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