Total Peace

The inspiration for this was a photo I found on the internet.  I have painted it using Liquitex Gold and Burnt Umber paints (as well as Black for shading around the design) and a 4" x 6" portrait grade canvas.  Next I have to go through my stash and see what I have for matting and possibly framing this. I am pretty sure I will double or triple mat this painting.   It is so much fun to watch "people" develop as I paint and take on a personality.

I purchased some of the Liquitex Basic paints and they are MUCH better than the other craft paints....I also use the soft and heavy body liquitex paints but wanted to try these "Basics" and I think they have become ones I will use a lot of in my painting journey.  The coverage is great for base only need one coat which is a great time saver....I hate the base coating stage of a painting and with these paints you hardly notice you are doing it.....

I decided that I wanted to triple mat this because the painting was so small to add more interest and draw you into the picture itself.....

I am working on another one that is bigger and done in blues and silver.  I want to set up a small alter in my home and this will be one of the focal pieces.

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