May 2016

Today was a really fun day.  I am having new carpeting laid in my living and dining room and down the hallway so everything is a MESS....and nothing I can do....sooooo....a good excuse to retire to my studio and PLAY.....  I made 7 pieces of jewelry....have about that many more laid out in design to do tomorrow (one more day till carpeting will be in and done).  I had a vintage heat stove that had my husbands name on it Lawrence so I did a bronze rub on the the name and 2 flower motifs on 2 other sides and what a difference this a positive way.  Thinking about what my next painting will be.  Thinking about the book I am reading, working on my aura, cleaning it and ridding it of of negative energy, journaling strange, bizarre and unusual significant happenings....the enjoyment of a friend stopping in to chat for awhile and drink a glass of wine.... a contentment with the order which is appearing in my studio room along with a comfort that I have feels good there...  I am excited to have my work station done, and in, and then I can finish up ....   at a bit of a standstill and allowing myself to take  the time to play.  I also worked on a clay spirit doll using some rubber stamps and did some color buffings.  I need to get to an area in my studio I can't get to to get some charms to finish the piece and consider it "done".  Looking forward to a bbq at our daughters' on Sunday or Monday to celebrate the beginning of Bends Summer events..... .....  deviled eggs to make and maybe a cake with homemade brown sugar frosting....

Photos to follow in next post....

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