Gemstone Jewelry

I have been designing and making jewelry with gemstones.  I love choosing the stones that appeal to me and then designing them into a piece of jewelry........and naturally I want to keep them all....but in feeling this way I know that I have succeeded in my finished piece.  It is fun choosing all of the accent pieces and laying it out to where I am pleased with the balance.

Today I began taking pictures and listing them into my Etsy shoppe for sale with crossed fingers that others will find them as stunning as I do....  Jewelry is hard to sell on Etsy because there are so many artists who are making jewelry....and some of it, which I have discovered from first hand experience is less that what the photos show.......  so this is what makes the selling of good quality pieces even harder....

This is Natural Picasso Jasper and the markings are so abstractly beautiful.  I use quality stones as well as quality components.

The majority of the silver pieces are lead free Tierra cast which are pewter coated with silver, or rhodium which is my preference......and made right here in the USA......  My daughter sells the Tierra Cast in her Etsy store....Dragynsfyre.  Top of the line and just beautiful....

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