This years pine cones are plentiful as well as beautifully shaped and the color is gorgeous.  We have about 85 pines on our property and a vacant lot next to us so I have been out "gathering" natures bounty.  We are to have high winds tonight so I am expecting by the weekend I will be able to gather an amount greater than 100 more.

I am going to try selling some large priority boxes of them on my Etsy site (25 per box) and the last photo shows a photo of a holiday piece for on a door, or to hang somewhere that is inspiration for pieces I want to make for Christmas gifts....  Mine are going to be 3 pinecones, ribbon, bells, etc. and I
 just purchased my supplies to begin the creative
process......  IF they turn out I will post photos in a future post....

Maybe the last photo will also inspire others to create their own nature gifts...which I estimate to run about $6.00 apiece,( per each 3 pine cone decoration)  depending on the "add ons" used and the purchase prices.   I purchased my embellishments  where I got 40% off each item purchased....  The single pine cone decoration shown below was selling for $7.99 apiece so if I was going to sell a 3 piece decoration my price would be a minimum of $21.00.  Buying my pinecones ..... the cost is about $1.10 each.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.