Patricia Rawlinsons' Site

For months I have been "meaning" to check out Patricia Rawlinsons' website and my decision to do so has not made it to my computer.... I am sure many of you know what I am talking about.

Today I got there and I am sorry that I didn't check it out sooner. What a vast amount of knowledge she has to share, neat items for sale, and a site I will check out more in depth later this evening.

I did manage to purchase a couple of Christmas presents for myself and am anxious to try them, create and decide if yes they are great or nah..... I love new
"items", mediums, and surfaces. I ordered the smallest of her angled stippling brushes... I love having a variety of these. If one isn't just right, another will be.

So ----- if you have time to learn some new things...take a walk on over and check her site out....I am sure glad that I did. One can always find something to learn, an idea or something to share.

Back to finishing up a Helan Barrick design I am doing on canvas.

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