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There is nothing that inspires me more than going into a gallery, looking at a magazine of some gorgeous pieces painted by some of my favorite artists, walking through a boutique, checking blogs, etc. a result I am looking for pieces of art that calls out to me...for whatever reason....all different to inspire me in my studio, in different mediums and have my own private little gallery.  What could be "neater" than that?   It will be so neat to walk down into an area that creates the mood immediately.....

Tonight I purchased a delightful limited edition print from a woman in Indonesia.  Her Etsy shop is:   I want local Oregon artisans, as well as artists that sell through Etsy.  The print I chose tonight reminded me of "The Inner Child" so it was an easy piece for me to choose and I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it.  

The more excited I get about redoing my studio the more items I can find to "get rid of" ,  things I just DON'T need anymore...for whatever reason.  I need to thin down....increase my wallet a little bit....give someone else "a find", etc.   

So surround YOURSELF with art.  Find a little niche where you can create a little gallery for yourself...    Remember that the numbers are 1 - 3 - 5 and after five any amount is OK....and that 3
items that go together makes a COLLECTION.....  Try to get art that is an original but if that is impossible for whatever reason than purchase a print, lithograph, etc.  


I want my shelving to be different in the one corner of the studio so I need to concentrate on just what I might want to do....different.... out of the box, etc.  I have an outlet in my ceiling with 2 plug places and I have two automotive trouble lights that will work great in this corner, from this outlet ,,, hung at different lengths to illuminate this corner shelving area and also my work area in front of the window.   I also have a plastic tube light for around a patio area that I want to utilize.....  I need one more good sized floor lamp with 3 bulb areas that swivel ...  these work so great.  

I need to think about a covering for the inside of the french doors that are roman shades with easy up
and down as needed.  I may have to purchase a brown patio type shades and paint a design on  it for when the shade is down....maybe some aspen trees....hmmmm.  I also want to do some faux stained glass work on the french door windows....pretty on both sides....

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Sun going down in the Oregon Desert....I love the colors and the silhouette of the trees, barn, etc.This  will be a photo I will enlarge and put in my studio.....  A good example of color, shape, atmosphere, 
blended sky, etc
I took this photo from inside the car (husband was driving) between Prineville,  and Bend, Oregon.
I use my small 35mm Nikon Camera using the automatic focus...  My husband asked me "what in heavens name are you taking a picture of out here when it is almost dark".... how could one not see immediately the beauty of this?

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.