ArtWork for Studio

Armalia from Indonesia  (Copywrite)

Jeannie. L. Paske /  Oregon  (Copyright)
Michael Benton / Oklahoma  (Copyright)

These are the 3 pieces of art which I have purchased to go into my studio...  REMEMBER
these are all copyright protected by the ETSY artists.

Artwork #1 made me think of our "Inner Child"

Artwork #2 reminds me of levetation which I dream about being able to do and the feeling is so "free and the particles in the air make me think of static electricity.....

Artwork #3 is an inlaid wood clock that I just couldn't pass up.  I love the different woods that the gentleman has used to "paint in wood" this design...and the hands are different and awesome.  He said that it takes him about 3 days to make one of these....  My fathers hobby was carpentry and he did some wood inlay pieces so I am really partial when I see pieces like this.  The woman looks so lost in thought, and she takes time to stop and smell the roses...
The woods used in the clock are"  lacewood, padauk, purple heart, holly, zebra wood, maple, wenge and walnut burl.

All of these pieces will inspire as they are all different types of art and the artist has left me room to participate in what was done by providing "personality" with their pieces...  It is fun to "identify", stir the soul,  provide a trip down memory lane, etc.

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