Trader Joe's

I am not sure what the area is for the  Trader Joes'  Market or  the areas/countries in which they are found but I never really "shopped" there until just recently.  We have a Trader Joe's closer than what I had in California, less crowded,  etc.  I have added them to my grocery rounds for "certain items" I can't find any where else but enjoy or where I can get the best prices for what I use on a regular monthly basis.  Soap Detergent,  Hair Shampoos/Conditioners, etc.

At Trader Joes my favs are:

 Cookie Thins.  I have tried the Coconut and the Meyer Lemon and they are awesome and could be so easily dressed up if need be......   Sugars are only 10 gm on them which doesn't seem as high as others.   A bit of homemade cream cheese frosting with some lemon zest and you have a great treat.

Macaroni and Cheese Balls.  My husband likes these for a light supper with a hot dog, or maybe an evening snack.........or even for lunch with some tomato soup...and the price is "right"...

Blood Orange Italian Soda:  These are so refreshing and good.  A little more expensive but a bottle a week ... makes a nice treat for us both.

Chicken Jerky for Dogs:  This is the only place where I have found dog jerky made in the USA.  In
all other brands if you look on the back it will say "Made in China" and the Vets say "it kills dogs"....
I don't want to take a chance with ours... she has already had one expensive surgery.

Society Roquefort Cheese:  The first ingredient in a potato chip dip my mother used to make on
"card playing" Saturday night with another couple weekly ritual, with "special treats".  Kinda like an end of the week celebration....  In Trader Joe's you get double the amount in other stores for a lesser dollar amount...not cents but dollars.  Same brand, just a different cardboard cover/no plastic container.  Just wrapped in a saran type paper....  Less money, less to throw away...etc.

So there it likes from Trader Joe's.  none of which raises havoc with the budget.

{------------ MY STRAW BERRIES
Fat, juicy and sweet.  Yummy.  

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