Times they are a'changin

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My thought for today to go to bed with is that I seem to see times changing, going back to the ways I remember when I was younger.....  After the war there seemed to be a quiet comradery of like spirits...and unlike spirits.   Handmade items were what we had.....and looking back now say "how sweet".  Mothers made their childrens' clothes, their toys, etc.  Other mothers' worked but purchased whenever possible a handmade item or a piece of someones "work".  I
see this coming about again.  Crocheted work, knit work, good well made, homemade items.   Items to adorm the home, making it your own with embellishments.

As a baby boomer, I love retirement, and I love where we live and our home.  The simpler things seem to bring us joy and differs for each of us.   There was a couple here tonight and what fun we had sharing things....about our animals, what we do in our spare time, what we want to do, etc.  One woman wants to learn how to make jewelry and the other woman I think wants to learn how to paint....  so it might be fun to do a class and teach them how....several different things at the same time......  would be inspiring that is for sure and provide a hobby that can bring joy and maybe a few extra $$ in the hard times at the same time.  

So tomorrow is our garage sale....it has been a tiring few days, a few aches and pains, etc. but it seems both Larry and I have a personal goal .....  and a common goal of getting new countertop in the kitchen.  In order to do so it means
selling a few things that we have and putting it towards our new wants.....

So 7AM will come quickly........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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