8-5 New Buttons

A real important part of the creative input comes from the hunt, the find, and the use of an item.

I LOVE buttons.  Always have.  I loved to play in my grandmothers' button box in her seamstress shop....so I am not surprised that the obsession is still part of my life.

With the gorgeous designs that are out it is no wonder that they work in mixed media, jewelry as a focal piece or a clasp,,,or mixed in with other beads for a necklace, bracelet, pin, earrings, etc.

Using them as stamps for polymer clay is an inexpensive way to have a variety of different, unique designs that others won't have producing some fantastic pieces of art by mixing buttons.

Many artisans are using buttons for focal pieces when making "wrap bracelets"....  each uniquely different with the use of the buttons.  I have over 45 New buttons.  Some are listed and on Etsy and I am working on listing others as they arrive.

To be creative... or more creative "outside the box" is the way to go.....and makes the art pretty much YOUR OWN.....

The 3 button designs I have shown are new ones I just rec'd today and I can hardly wait to get them listed so that I can "play" using them for jewelry.  I will have to use the extras and make a mixed package button mix just for the clay artisans....

ENJOY creating, and the results of your creativity....

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