Yard Art

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Our soil here is "volcanic" and is the consistency of baking powder.   It is hard for much of anything to grow without a lot of hard work....and a LOT of water.  Making yard  art is a neat way to have greenery...and to do so we get  good soil  by the trailor load up the road from us where they make and mix topsoil.

This is one of the old cars we have in the front of our yard.  The building behind the roadster is my husbands garage which is closest to the road with the house farther back.

This is last years photo so I really need to "update" this photo with how the plants have grown and have taken over the car and has made it really a pretty addition.   Sometimes one has to visualize what the final "look" will be.  I guess that is why my husband has such a wonderful green thumb.  He knows what will look best where and has an "artistic touch" when it comes to plants.  Tall, short, wide, flowering, deer resistant...etc.  

I love the rust....I love the copper with the mixture of silver, and copper, with a little pewter and some green here are there creating even further the patina of time.  It is hard to put some things "out to pasture" so we transform it into something else that can be enjoyed.  Some items are just hard to say goodbye to......and why do you have to?  Says who?

I love my "beds" of flowers, and my bathtub too.... and what about the big round water tub that is FULL of purple flowers.....    And the old wagon that my husband brought into the driveway in pieces and reconstructed.  Someone who saw it brought Larry a wooden hitch he had and made a trade for something we had at the garage sale.....it was a win win for both of them.  Now the wagon looks even more complete.

I wonder what will be next?    OR do I?

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