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Winter is coming,  I am thinking about my studio and as that has been happening I have been trying to merge some of my art,  and concentrate on things soooooo  I have decided that I will be offering these items up for sale on my Etsy site and will also be going to a new consignment store back in Penna, and also offered up here in the Bend area.

1.  Making my steampunk Flowers
2.  A line of cards
3.  "Necklets"
4.  Landscape paintings
5.  Jewelry Designing
6.  Continuing with my Etsy site

So I have narrowed things down to 6....that means EVERYTHING that does NOT create a NEED within one of these 6 areas is going to go BYE....BYE...OUT of my studio and SOMEWHERE.   Then I will set up my studio accordingly once it has been painted.  This will better show me just what I
REALLY need to purchase.

I have some awesome shutters that I purchased quite a while ago and I have pretty much decided that these will be 2 of my shelves.....so I need to purchase 6 L brackets to make these work.    I will need to go IN SEARCH of something else I can find that will work for 4 more shelves......

I have also learned that I have to keep a book beside me most of the time so that I can write down ideas.....along with colored pencils, eraser, scissors,  highlighter, etc. etc. to write things down as they come to mind....

This photo is some more of my husbands' art in another old vehicle we have.  This is a truck (with a Japanese maple planted in the trucks bed) and since he has put the skeleton in it we have had a lot of people who stop and check it out....  (this was also the truck I used for my clock design in PaintWorks magazine a couple of issues ago).  This will make a fun Halloween card.....don't ya' think?

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