"Last Rose of Summer"

Copyright 8-2012    DP

For todays post.
Old and new friends...new experiences, creative thoughts...and a rose delivered that deserves a special photo......  Thanks Candace.  

 I have discovered with "my" particular camera when I am using the easy shot....the farther away from the item I am and by using the zoom feature I can blur and obscure the background colors while getting a nice crisp photo of my focal .....  The more you use your camera the more you discover what YOU can make IT do...  Since I have taken no classes on photography, it has been a trial and error that has been a great journey....and began when I was about 14 years old with my first "Brownie" camera.  In "those days", and in a rural setting there were no classes... so it was up to me to learn on my own.   With good subject matter, such as this rose, it is pretty neat to capture the pink in the rose, some shadows and highlights, a muted background, detail such as you see in the leaves showing jagged edges...the blue at the bottom is actually a green that is a container setting in the distance but captured in the background mottling....  Many times I can "see" what I am going to get when I use the viewfinder but other times it is just like in the old days going into a dark room to develop the photos....you are never quite sure what you "Got" until you developed your film....so it is so much fun to download the photos onto the computer...  One of these days I am going to have one of my photos done on canvas to see just what that "looks like".    A Gilclee' print.  

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.