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Copyright 8 / 2012
There are times when I see "something" and it is an immediate fall in love with.
This is what happened when I saw a nice long string of these gemstones.

I loved them because:
1.  They were colorful
2.  I knew there would be a lot I could do with the different sizes.
3.  Abstract type design...mottled/ slip slap of colors...
4.  Watercolory
5.  Might appeal to a lot of types of people.
6.  Each bead would be different yet "would go together"

7.  Making each piece of jewelry differently in color, size, design, etc. A variety of different "looks could be obtained".  So each one that I make will be a One of a Kind.

Tonight was making a simple necklace so I could determine different things to do:
Change Colors
Change the # of strands
Change the Clasp
Change the embellishment beads
Add lamp work beads 

There are so many different things that can be done with jewelry pieces that the creativeness just "seems to be" and there is an excitement as you think of how you want to do the "next one".

I also find that when I change my artistic direction once in awhile there is a freshness to creative.   Sometimes the creative rut comes from not having another artistic outlet to fall back on.    First comes inspiration and then creative....  

I have already started my 2nd necklace as when I was working on this first one I already knew where I wanted to veer off to next...  I had to find 3 beads, choose a clasp and then I began.....  Tomorrow I can hopefully do some additional work on it.  
I need to utilize my evenings more and jewelry is a good open option along with the jacquard type afghan I am crocheting  for a Christmas present and a pineapple doily in thread to use as a lampshade.... 

So INSPIRE yourself so that you can CREATE.

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