Wallpaper / Ceiling Tile / Sky

In my studio "stash" I found a nice sized roll of paintable wallpaper.  It is white but I am going to paint it copper (hopefully finding a metallic copper spray in Krylon) otherwise I will sponge paint it with Decoart and then brush on here and there some green to give it some patina and use it (I hope) on the ceiling in my studio.  It looks like the old fashioned tin ceiling tiles.....this will be an interesting concept....  I know I don't have enough for the entire ceiling so now I have to "think on" how this will go up and an effect that doesn't look the truth...that I didn't have enough ....  I just may tear the paper so that it looks as if half has come down.  I KNOW that it is doubtful I could EVER find another roll because I believe I purchased this when we lived in California  ------  8 years ago, and I have no idea as to where .......  and any way it is going to be more fun being creative with what I have....  

I am really enjoying the "journey" of the room makeover.  

P.S.  When I went to my files to find a photo to use with this post and found this one it made me think about adding a bit of sky to to the portion of the ceiling that won't have any wallpaper tile on it.... so my thought process will start in this direction.......with a paint roller it will be easy (???) to slip slap on some paint to give the appearance of sky and clouds..

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