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Every day as I walk past my studio area or I am in it I find myself looking at walls, door areas, windows, etc. visualizing how something I have thought of would work or if it is back to the drawing board.   I have a semi wasted wall with french doors so it limits what can be done but it is neat because I get light from 3 different sources.

I guess the highlight of the room would be if I could do something to get light in down from the ceiling so I need to speak to hubby and see what might be possible....

Beside the french doors is a small little wall area from the doorway from the wash area down into my I have decided to display some received swap art....I have really received some awesome pieces from all over the US and Canada.  I am going to leave this wall the color it is and the color will come forth from the different pieces of art work that I've received, mixed in with some pieces of mine.
What is an artists' studio with no finished art?   Inspiration....  I feel very lucky to have others' art.... and to have it "in a box" just isn't how it was meant to be received....the art are treasures from the artist.  The very best work that they have stages of their art life..  I will have to see about some petite little shelves that I can use as display...... so that little wall is "taken care of, and I can work on it as time
allows so I show a little progress every day.....with a lot of thought as to what I need where to make it work and what I can get rid of.....

I had one of my favorite photos blown up so this picture is going to go down in my room and I have a frame that holds 3 photos so I will chose from my photo stash and fill this also.....  Nature can be so much of an inspiration.....

A friend brought a rope light to me tonight and I think that I am going to either use this down in my studio somehow or I will trade it out for a white one from our patio and use is just to figure out the where and the why.....I have an outlet in my ceiling and I am going to hang a "trouble light" from there but somehow maybe I can incorporate the rope light into this lighted corner are which is where I want corner shelves....that do not line up with one another and will go from about my waist up to the highest point I can reach....  I need to think about wood, and also brackets......I need to check with our friend Kirk and see if he can come up with something that will work and be different ... I get a one of a kind item and he gets something he wants with a few extra dollars....

I think on another wall I want some or my own art work which would be "For Sale"....  Maybe a trip to
Portland and Ikea should be thought about for some of their wire / with clips to show some pieces or
hang some unfinished canvas pieces.....

Both windows are fine.....  One of my tables is going to a man who is in the process of opening up his "studio".... my studio right now looks like a working studio instead of neat, orderly, artistic, etc...  Needs a lot of work down there..... a lot to go by-by.  Upcoming garage sale will take care of that...


TO THINK ABOUT:     Sitting piece of furniture
                                        Use all of my frames to frame photos I have taken
                                        Everything needs to be behind doors and not seen... 
                                        Take down WP border
                                        Do Gallery Glass in different windows of French Doors...use some of the 
                                              geometric molds that I have.
                                        Finish Shell Chairs and keosene stove.....get cushions or have cushions
                                              made for the shell chairs.........  
                                        Think about vintage suitcases for artistic storage
                                        Sell paints
                                        Work on "Greeting Cards"
                                        Use a LOT of my frame stash with my photography and sell 

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