I have never been much to use stencils....probably because I have never played with them, or thought about them in a creative way....  BUT....  I purchased some new stencils from my wholesaler and before I put them in my Etsy site I wanted to see how one was to "work with".  Sometimes things look nice ....  but they aren't.  WELL THESE ARE....and I love the way it worked on this piece of dark turquoise blue card stock and the Americana Glamour Dust Paint in Ice Crystal.....I LOVE these paints and I use them more than I do  I am already wondering just how awesome this stencil would be on GLASS.......  using Etching medium, or one of the other Gallery Glass paints as the stencil material....  I have some curved beveled glass so I am going to have to give it a try and see what happens....and will report back with a photo or photos when done...IF it looks good......but I think it will.... An artists visionary ........

But back to the stencils....NICE....I am pleased with this one anyway so know the others will follow suit as an artists eye begins to see the exact use for a tool....I LOVE tools...

Check out my Etsy site....there are 3-4 of these stencils as I test out the water(s) so to speak before I commit to other design stock.

ARTIST:  Kasia Krzyminska  also known as Ckeoczna or Czeko is from Warsaw, Poland and is a 22 year old pharmacist during the day and an artistic soul when she is home....  Check out her blog at:

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