Landscape Painting Acrylic (In Progress)


On Facebook Annette Dozier has a painting group......she is one of my FAVORITE landscape artists....and I admire her work so much....  On the site group someone posted a photo of a landscape and I decided that I wanted to paint it just to see how mine would vary from the actual photo and using it more for inspiration than "copy".....  I freehand paint when I am doing a landscape and I love it because no 2 will be alike....there will be a variance in design, colors used, and maybe in actual content..and I love that it takes the "pressure" off of the artist.....we don't HAVE to copy.... we can change whatever we want, for whatever reason we want....and we will learn so much along the way as we journey through the piece.....  I have 2 more trees to add to will be a dead tree and the others have foliage.....  I also need to work on the tree shadows in the water but I want to wait now until I have the trees totally done....  I love the way the clouds turned out ....  and that the water looks wet like water should.......
 So far I have used:
Hookers Green
2 Blues
Titanium White
Turners Yellow
in Liquitex soft body paints which more and more are the paints I grab the most ,....., especially when I do landscapes....  My brushes were the DYNASTY IPC and Designer Series brushes and my canvas is a handmade  5 x 5  portrait grade canvas board...

I wanted so badly to finish this tonight because things were flowing well but I decided to stop and finish the rest next "session"

When I am done with the painting portion I will use the Americana Glamour Dust Ice Crystal paint to fly speck the water area...just that little bit of bling that will create even more realism....

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.