These crystal gemstones come in blues and greens….as well as different sizes and shapes. My  preference is to use stones in jewelry making which are not "Pure" in color but contain many of the earthly elements that  are common within the raw slabs of stone and cut for its' beauty for a more natural seen in my photo above.   When there is a landscaping of colors and variances of color(s) as an artist I feel they provide  a more interesting,  beautiful piece of jewelry.  My preference also leans towards stones which are the lighter, softer and pretty hues of a light blue rather than the darker blues and green.

The stone is referred to as the Amazon stone, Stone of Hope and is a holy stone in Egypt.

Amazonite contains copper and feldspar.

It is one of the newer New Age/Metaphysical gemstones and has many attributes and inspirational aspects.  It is strongly connected to the throat chakra, can unlock psychic 3rd eye vision, and brings one closer to the Spirit that works within each of us.

The gemstones are found here in the USA, Madagascar and Russia.

Some of the attributes are:  healing, stimulates the better emotions and personality traits, balances feminine and masculine energy, stregthens stamina, soothes all Chakreas, stimulates artistic ability, creativity and powers of clairvoyance, attracts luck and good fortune, calming, allows us to use our intuitive wisdom, helpts to eliminate aggravation that causes anger, allows us to cleanse our spirit of negativeness, vibrates to the #5, aligns physical and astral bodies and heals emotional disturbances.

With each piece of jewelry an information sheet and disclaimer will be provided.

Now………. to create with nothing in mind but to enhance a stones beauty.  So stay tuned for some final photos of completion.

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