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Tonight, the first time in probably 10 years (and these were years I should have used)  I remembered that my mother used to give herself egg white facials... And what is egg white but placentia???  AND... what is the main incredient in most face masques....oinments, gels, etc..??  PLACENTIA.... and I got mine for roughly 10 cents which refrigerated will last so I can do it every night for a week.....  My face is tighter,  just a very soft tingle and my face is so soft.   Did it diminish the, but that is not to say it won't over time and my face is as soft as baby skin not to mention how clean and fresh it feels.

I would do a test by applying some of the egg white to the inside of your  elbow.  You want to make sure you are not allergic to egg whites....and some people are so don't skip the test.   A pinking of the skin is sometimes seen .... but as long as it is not RED you should be OK....
1.  Wash hands and face with a mild soap and water.
2.  Using your fingers dollop up as much of the egg white as you can applying it to your face using outward and/or upward strokes.  I went down my neck applying the egg white in upward strokes also. The direction of the application is an important part of the procedure.
3.  Let dry.
DO NOT laugh or smile when you are letting the mask dry or it will crack and you will have to remove  as the "tighness" will no longer do alone in a door shut room.  You will feel a drawing, tightening procedure whe you have applied, which will also draw impurities out of the pores.

4.  AS SOON AS THE MASQUE IS DRY or within 5 minutes remove  the masque with a wash cloth and hot to warm water.
5.   Follow with a cold rinse patting on to close your pores.
6.  Apply an astringent (Witch Hazel is what my Mom used so what I use) and pat dry I pat my skin with a clean face towel.
7.  Apply a good moisturizer
  My Mom used the pink Oil of Olay so .... yep, that is what I use.  It certainly worked for her so.....why not use the same thing?  Do other products work?  I am sure they do but the cost is certainly higher than my products....and nothing short of a face lift is going to last longer...

 Egg whites and Witch Hazel are both "natural " ( you can even purchase a witch hazel bush and make your own).  Oil of Olay has been around a GOODLY amount of years so it has to have a good reputation as to effectiveness or it would be long gone....  

So give yourself an old tyme natural facial ....  I think you will be pleased,,....

Bearded Dragon 

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