MY Journal (Mixed Media)

This week I finished up the front and back of the journal I have been using....  Somehow It just seems more fun to pick up a fun journal instead of just a book......  The heart at the botttom right is a small tin which holds paper clips and is glued onto the hournal....On the back of the journal is a cigarette type cigar tin that is slim and nice and the colors were perfect.  (Havana Honeys....roller derby chicks...mud or jello female wrestlers....?    I also gluee this tin to the back and it holds a pencil, 2 pens, small sissors, etc.  Now I won't have to go "searching" it will all be together for me...

They say BRASS is in this year...but I really prefer the copper .... rusty colors with a green or blue hue....  The round brass and black item is a vintage cabinet door knob and the horizontal piece moves to the left and right so it opens the journal and I really love the victorian steampunkery look of the item.  

I found a very nice fretwork laser wood cutter online and they do some very special pieces that are spectacular and reasonably prices.  I have made 2 orders and have been more than pleased with the aroma of the wood/burn smell which brings back childhood memories for me and the top of the line quality of the pieces.  

This journal will be a mish mosh of this n that ....

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