I enjoy "gathering supplies".

When I purchase supplies from garage sales, Etsy vendors,  street faires, thrift stores, antique shops, or going for "walks" I tend to gather things that I like, unusual items, or a item that brings back a memory, or maybe creates a new one.   Many times I have NO idea what I am going to do with the item, how it will work into a design, etc. but I know that it "will" somewhere along the line.  I have items that I have had for 10 years or more.  The spools of thread reminded me of my grandmother who was the town seamstress and when I was young I can remember her continual complaining about the poor quality of is a good thing whe can't see what we have to work with today....but at least she would have the option of getting better thread if she was willing to pay triple the price....the thread on these 2 spools I am sure is what she "used" to work with back in "those" days.   The nut is an acorn I picked up in CA when we went to see a family member in the hospital...and I LOVE tree bark.  I am on the look out now for birch, aspen, bark (white and black).  A few years ago I purchased an antique ledger book and when I finally found time to look at the entries I discovered it belonged to an artist who was handpainting place settings, dishes, tea sets, etc.  and she loged in the persons name, what she did and the amount the purchase was for.....   And the intricately cut laser wood tree......Unique and I have just glued one on to an art journal I am making for myself.  The pewter witch I bought at Goodwill and it is going to be used in a wire sculpture I am "gathering" for....

Just as with all art........the journey is half the fun....and each item I purchase or find is a personal "treasure" ....  a sense of satisfaction... and even excitement.  Everyone tells me an artist is a "different" breed of person and I have yet to ask or know if they mean that in a bad or good way....

So enjoy your own personal journey.....

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