Another Bridge and New Projects

Another covered bridge from the Scio, OR bridge tour can be found in the middle of my post.......this was the newest one...... while the others were built in the 1930's.   This was the only red one...the others are all white.


For the past few days I have been busy but still finding time to work in some  'me' time in my work room.....   I have 4 new things I am working on; in different mediums that I can jump back and forth between.

I am working on a pink crystal necklace made out of a tiny crystal looking salt and pepper set and I want to incorporate some colored wire into this piece if it is feasible to do so....

Tonight I began another abstract wire sculpture using a Tablespoon this time, half of a welding rod,
some bubble glue that ran over onto my living room rug of all places and dried there but lifted right off the carpet with no effort leaving none in the rug....and fit perfectly into what I am this one of
those "happy accidents" that Bob Ross always talked  I purchased some colored wire to play with so I am pretty sure that some will be used on this piece.  And .... the base of this one is going to be a piece of tree bark (I think) from PA that flew back to PA and then later was trucked from CA to here in it has litterally been a LOT of places and I have had it quite a few years.....(over 10).
Not that it matters but the bark is Hemlock.  I am finding that I really like the wire medium as I am really in control of where the wire goes, how it is wrapped, twisted, turned, and molded....and seems to "fall into place".  With this piece I THINK, I know where I am going....but I have thought that before so we will see what happens....  I also like that I have not seen many wire sculpture artists  so I pretty much know that these are truly MY pieces, not copied from anyone else....and I can say with confidence will be one of a kind....not duplicatable.  I am going to wait until I get about 6 made and then decide what I will do as far as selling them and where.

I just finished painting, matting and framing a 5 x 7 acrylic painting of Mt. Shasta from a photo I took this fall....... and have plans for my next painting which I will start sometime this coming week.  It is
going to be a floral....on a black background....

Next I want to get a clay "something" in process.  It is fun working between the different mediums and projects.....and each helps on of the others I am working on....a nice flow that is enjoyable.

This weekend is to be nice so I will enjoy the sunshine and warm weather......back shots on Monday which I am not looking forward to with a couple days of "down recovery time".... which I normally don't do but am planning on definately doing this time.......

Have a great weekend everyone.

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