Winter Wedding

This is my third wire sculpture and I think I am going to call it Winder Wedding.  I have used many different types and sizes of crystals as well as a vintage one right in the front.

Some portions of the wire body areas have been covered with a couple of different sheer fabrics.

The base is glass and pewter and was purchased at one of our local consignment stores and worked just perfect as the base.

Small delicas have been strung on wire in a very translucent blue and white..

The one gorgeous white bead to the right which hangs was made by my daughter Dragynsfyre and is a white and silvered ivory lampwork bead that has been etched.  The top was clear and the bottom a white....above and below are etched handmade lampwork spacer beads in clear which are
different shapes and sizes done by a lampworker in the state of WA and are also etched.

I already have the next piece started which I think is going to be a "lot" different from the other ones I have created.
 I have a vintage witch head pin and a retro looking bell chiming alarm cloce.............THIS should be interesting...  I have chosen the colors to be green and purple.... for "A Witchin' Good Time"..... check back in a month of two to see this

Title:            Winter Wedding
Inspiration:  Mother Nature and my love of winter, white and blue, cold, ice, snow. etc.
Elements:    Snow, Ice, Fog sparkle and Water.
Accomplished:  Texture, dimension, movement (one of the vintage crystals is suspended and gently swings, color (silver, white with just a touch of blue), design, theme and flow with a feeling of icy, cold glamour (temperature).

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.