Day and Night

This is a piece I just finished painting using a design by Josh Shanoon for inspiration.  His design was done using computer graphics.

When doing landscapes I tend to paint in my design ....  I don't draw or trace a design until AFTER it is painted.  I enjoy letting things just happen.   The same with colors.....the only thing I concentrated on was the pink in the sky, moon and water... 

I needed to practice waterfalls so I ended up with 3 in my rendition....and I love the curved tree.  This reminds me in many ways of a place where I used to go and read, write poetry, etc.  down back of where I lived growing up deep in the woods.  The tree wasn't quite this curved, but it was gnarl and between the trunk and roots was deep thick green moss that was my special cushion.  I loved the sounds, (frogs, birds, an occassional train) and smells (moss, water, wild flowers, etc.) as well as the visual clouds, shapes, colors, etc.  
was deep thick green moss that was like a cushion.... It is going to be matted using 2 shades of green mat and a black frame then right ino the master bedroom to hand on an empty wall.  I am actually tempted to paint this right on the wall as it is a perfect width and height....hmmmmmm.

I used a limited palatte....Liquitex soft body paints and several different sizes, shapes, and styles of Dynasty favorite tools of the trade....or and handmade fine portrait grade handwrapped canvas boards....  This one is an 8 x 10.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.