Snow Storm 2-6-14 Oregon

This was one of the worst storms (amount wise) that we have experienced here in Oregon.  HOWEVER, it was gorgeous.  The tree avalanches as laden boughts become just too much (my favorite photo),   the neat little snowcaps on the bird house.... and then we have the more dismal side which is the darkness, hours of snowfall, and inconvenience.  I  was beginning to wonder if it would ever end.

I am working on a straw hat which needs to be done by the 15th of February,  and another wire sculpture which is progressing a little slower than normal, but that is OK.  It is convenient to have several pieces going at the same time in different mediums.  I am also just starting what I hope will be a journal for myself.....  This particular journal is going to be my IDEA journal...the beginning stages......which is exciting in itself.

So enjoy my snow shots and soon I am hoping I can
blog a finished project.

Just for the record,  we ended up with about 3 foot of snow then during the night the temperature went up to 40 degrees so snow melted and now we have slush,  ruts and slippery walking conditions.  Tonight when I walked outside at midnight freezing fog is rolling in but it appears to be a high fog.... so we are below freezing again tonight.....  Many people here in Orgeon are without power......

Stay safe and warm everyone.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.