Altered Journal #2

  Once again the creative force was drawn to doing another journal....I thought it was for me....but after getting it done..I realized it wasn't.

The mesh grids were meant as candles...the wicks are watch "innards" as well as the right hand bottom piece.

The woodend wheel is a vintage spool which I purchased from an overseas Etsy Vendor.  I love adding pieces from other countries, items that one doesn't normally see.   Since taking the photo I have cut the purple ribbon to be just a bit longer than the shorter one...and removed the key.  It didn't belong...  It made the journal off balance somehow....  the ends of the purple ribbon are beautifully frayed..... and the lady bug...kinda fits with the fire and the colors in the "wordage" with refers to Imagine......

I have been reading a book which talks about truth, intuition, reality, and light so I think this was the inspiration for this piece.

The bottom photo is the bookmark that goes with the journal.  It "WAS" the cuff of a denim jacket I am working on, and was salvaged to be a bracelet  but just seemed to gowith the design of the journal which has blank pages.  Sometimes the lines can be distracting and you get more of a creative flow with just blank.  I wish I had a journal with both in it....  wonder if anyone has thought to make a handmade journal in this manner?

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