Altered Straw Hat

In making this hat I did my best to use textures, monocramatic colors for a neutral look, style, etc.
The white flower on the hat is from Michaels and is burlap,   The center of the flower is a steampunk button that i sell.  The leaf has been imprinted on clay (by me) and added.  The brown around the hat is a brown satin mens tie... with lace glued on (Beacon Adhesive for Fabric... which I like real well as it dries so you can pull of the excess....very little is needed for a nice strong bond,  and sets up quickly.)  I handpainted the roses, leaves and ribbons using Liquitex Parchement and Burnt Sienna paint and when dry I added some of the Ice Crystal Glitter paint by Americana (LOVE this paint)  in dots here and there for some sparkle.  Around the hat with the hat band is a copper necklace I made but decided it looked really neat on the hat....and oh yea, the bumble bee is a button I sell....every bonnet has a bee in it....  In between the narrow and wider ends of the tie I have taken several strands of waxed twine and knotted the strands randomly and then glued underneath the criss cross of the tie.  

The recipient of the hat is leaving for Florida for 2 weeks and loves being out in the garden so I am hoping she will like her is a bit weightier but she won't have to worry about the summer breeze blowing her hat dual purpose.

Since I knew the hat was "winding down" I started work on a wood cigar box to set on the table by my chair to hold "stuff",  finishing up my 2nd wire sculpture and already thinking about #3 so I guess I am in wire mode.....which is brand new to me...   I am also thinking about doing some more canvas winter fingers are calling out to the paint brushes that it is "their turn" to be creative.  I stopped at Goodwill while in town today and picked up 2 really neat items that can be used as bases for the wire sculptures...and I want to explore making myself an altered journal and somehow incorporating black and white paper so THIS should be interesting......  All in all it has been a week of accomplishments as I slide down hump day into Thursday.....

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