Shabby Chic Kitchen Set for Two (BEFORE) / Denim Vest

New Thrift Store Purchase.....

Someone has already distressed this piece and my present thought is that I need to do a couple of repairs to the piece before I do anything and that is a good thing cause it gives me some "thought time.....  Do I go shabby chic colors and roses....or do I do something on the other end of things and 
do something "french chic" and go with black and white.  Decisions....decisions....  I already have a couple of sticky notes on the chairs for an idea I had for them...   I need to "visualize" it in different ways.....sheeeeeesh......  

The other thing I am working on is a denim vest.  I love soft denim....well, anything soft really but jeans/skirts, etc.   It started out as a Jacket....  I cut the sleeves out, and then removed the cuffs which I will use to make bracelets.  In a group session I belong to;  our homework was to create something this week.  I may not finish the vest in time so I think I had best work on a bracelet first to match the jacket....for just a small verison of the vest design wise..

  Sewing is NOT my forte so I am going to be doing handsewing which I prefer anyway.  Since I have been working on the jacket for two evenings  I have a portion finished ..... and it is in a "sit, waiting for the "next" step to spring  I want it 65ish but a bit updated ..... but I also KNOW that it NEVER works out this way....  I with I had thought about getting a before photo but didn't so there will be only a finished vest and everyone will have to "see" just an ordinary jean jacket (but this one has a gorgeous PLEAT in the back, the vest will be a bit longer than normal vests which helps the "big hip" syndrome....It buttons but I don't like buttoned up vests so I utilized the button area with buttons but in a different manner.. (I have been raiding my Etsy jewelry button bins for buttons to use on the jacket...Tierra Cast items for some neat charms....a decision on "color" and looks like the accent color will be red (based on lady bug buttons and A red flower for in the hair (from a talented Etsy vendor) on the jacket instead.  I don't wear flowers in my hair but it was so pretty I knew I would use the flower somewhere....  I am using silver buttons because the bronze/brass ones blend into the jacket and don't show the detailed work of the the buttons like I want them to.  (What better way to advertise my button business....and FREE).    

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