Handpainted Porcelain Box

Copyright  12-2013    Diana Putnam

This was a FUN piece.    I wanted to do the box first because the design is going to go on another porcelain surface and be given as a Christmas present.  This was kinda my "test piece".    I am going to make some changes here and there...... ie:  Background will  cats eye blue,  the cat basecoat will be darker, wiskers a bit different (thinner) ,  lighter color for nose, more shading, etc.   I am not big on painting the same thing over and over but even though I will be painting this design 2 more times.....each one will be different... as if they are different animals.   I prefer giving handmade items that are one of a kind..

I will sign and date ... add some of the Ice Crystal Glamour Dust Paint in the white areas of the 
eye to add the sparkle I like and the other fun thing that happens when you use this paint in an eye is it gives the illusion that the eye meets yours, and looks directly at you....even if you move.  Just ads a bit of life to the piece.

Yesterday I showed the basecoat I did for this box...(see below) and I didn't change anything with the background color.  Just sketched in the profile and began painting.  

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