Glitter / Snow / Painting

Fresh, new fallen, virgin snow....we got about an inch of the feathery white stuff today but I took this picture for painting reasons..

My personal preference for "glittering" an item is "less is more".  I love the hologram glitter of snow but as you can see from the white spots (snow sparkles) you can almost count them......and this is the way I really like to do my winter snow landscapes for a touch of realism.   The Glamour Dust paints are fantastic for adding just a touch......and the dry glitter which I sometimes use has been put in a pepper shaker so that I have more control of the "flow".... which I have been sprinkling on this way for years.

Also you can see from this picture the reason I prefer Paynes Grey for my underpainting of snow.  Here in Oregon snow has more of a grey blue cast vs the snow on the East Coast (specifically PA) where the snow has more of a blue than gray "cast" and see the little "mounds" which are slightly umbrella shaped.

Just little things to think about when adding those final, important elements to a painting...  Pure White IE:  Titanium White is the LAST highlight(s) to add.  Work up to this stark white starting with Soft White,,,then add Titanium White in varying amounts...dirty brush...  I don't ever wash my brush for this step....I use a towel to wipe off excess...and to "test" colors....

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.