Cigar Box Personalized Art

Now that my husbands' family have opened their gifts...I can post photos of the cigar box pieces that they received which I tried to tailor personally for each one of them.  They were so much fun to create and remarkably they made it from OR to PA with only a couple of small issues.....

The first one was for my step son and the license plate on the back is his name done with scrabble tiles and the tail lights are large jingle bells.  The inside (as are all the boxes) are lined with felt and some of the lids have been embellished as well.

The second box was for our 16 year old grandson who likes skeletons and skulls.  The last photo shows the inside of his box as it is a photo I took of a skeleton that hangs in our garage and then I painted around it matching the paints to the background of the picture.  The legs of his are minature bowling pins as he is an accomplished Junior bowler in the local area and state of PA.

The 3rd photo is of our daughter in laws box which is vintage feminine.  The legs on this box are vintage spools.

Most of the items came from thrift stores, garage sales, antique stores, swap meets, auctions etc..... I guess you could say I am one of those "creative collectors".... gathering bits and pieces to use in art pieces.

Fun to make and definite learning experiences only learned from the experience of doing.  No real mistakes can be made....

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  1. I love the boxes and other things you have shown on your blog. They are all fantstic!
    hugs Karen



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