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I purchased a PDF from an Etsy Vendor on making a clay cover for a journal and the design is totally awesome.  Because I don't have the same items (which is fine, and more fun) the main thing I was wanting to learn were techniques and how to's so I could venture into doing my own designs.  ---

This is going to be a fun, informative journey....I can already think of how I want to do journals for friends and family personalizing just for the recipient and since 2014 is right around the corner.... maybe making for birthday presents is the way to go.  Now to find journals....and one of my favorite places for these are Big Lots.... inexpensive, nice size, ugly covers but good construction and with or without lines....  Somehow I would like to incorporate some crochet into my first journal....now to determine how.

I am also wanting to sit and play with a few of the rubber stamps that I sell on Etsy so this is going to be a perfect opportunity to do that.  I will probably use 5 different stamps rather than just one so I need to go through my personal stash and begin my "pile" of items of possibility.....  charms, beads, buttons, material, stamps, determine colors,  etc. so that I will have nearly everything "together" for when I start.
Sometimes this takes a couple of weeks, months, and at other times if I have a direction my gathering is done in just a few hours.  I just never know....and have learned to "just go with the flow".....

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