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I worked on and finished 2 more fabric and lampwork cord necklaces.  FUN. 

 The one on the right is mine and the 3 fabric beads were kinda the ones that got laid aside and I thought why not really mix and match.  

It is funny what one remembers and just kinda,  sorta applies when designing.  I remember reading or hearing somewhere that design composition is 1 -3 - 5 and then after 5 you can have any number you want...  On my necklace I have used 3 fabric beads, one is different.  Excluding spacer beads I have a total of 5 beads on the necklace and the knots in the cording are one--three---and 5---numbers. .  The only thing everything has in "common" within this necklace is the color yellow..... but yet I think it is really pretty, unique, artistic, with good composition, balance and even texture with glass, fabric, metal.   And I like the fact that each One of a Kind.  You aren't going to find another just like these......  It is kinda nice to own and collect
art by others....I know I do.

  The necklace on the left is also done with cording and above the central beaded area and knots and beads.  One again throughout the necklace I have used the 1-3-5 design numbers.  The lampwork beads I have had for a couple of years and I cannot believe that the fabric bead ( from an artist in Isreal) that I have used matches so if it were totally planned instead of random luck.  Again with this necklace I have the smooth texture of glass, the rougher fabric bead , the texture of the knots, and twisted spacers.  This necklace will probably show up on Etsy in a few days....I would like to do a few more so there is a collection of this style jewelry.  

All of spacer beads and bead caps are from Dragynsfyre on Etsy who also carries her own handmade lampwork beads as well.
The fabric beads by Gulgulim on Etsy
The cording (which comes in several different colors) is nylon braided and I purchased all that I use at our local Military Surplus Store for a fraction of what I would have paid in an art or crafts store.  Think outside the box when you are looking for something.

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  1. It is so exciting how sometimes, materials we collected years ago find their way into a new design in a perfect way we could not dream of two days ago. The perfect match of the lampwork beads, the fiber ones (coming all the way from Israel), the spacers and the knots is amazing. The collaboration of artists thousands of miles away make my heart sing! Thank you Diana and cheers from Gilgulim!



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