Jewelry Items Handmade Lampwork Focal Bead by Dragynsfyre

This is a handmade lampwork focal bead made by Dragynsfyre (my daughter)  on Etsy.  It  reminds me of a waves and water....

The smaller beads are also handmade lampwork beads done by an artist in the state of Washington who specializes in tiny spacer beads.   I envison the dark green/blue for the deeper water, the milky white for the foam, the wrhite for the white caps with the blue lighter than the darkest.....  (The knots are inspired once again by Dragynsfyre as she has made several pieces of jewelry using this simple knotting technique along with her own focal and smaller beads).  The technique of this abstract knotting done with nylon cord  kinda gives the illusion  of  "motion" to this bracelet that I like.

 Note the little bubbles in the transparent glass which just adds to the all over water feeling.

This particular piece is a Christmas gift....I have been busy trying to make as many of my gifts as possible this year.....I love the "elfy" feeling I get.....kinda like a whistle while you work feeling...which I would love to still be able to do......  I loved to whistle....

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