Christmas 2013

As the weather cools down and the 3 degree weather is being experienced (no snow yet, this is last years picture taken from my shoppe area) and with Thanksgiving less than a week away I am ever concious that Christmas is nearly here....

This year I feel like I want some changes....
so my tree will be a bit different.  First of all it will be a live tree to plant come spring.... and I am going to make a lot of my ornaments using dominos....another of my favorite artistic surfaces....Tonight I worked on them to the point where they now have to dry before I add the preservation finish and embellishments...  The necklace bails are ordered which will get glued on the back of the ceramic domino so that it can be hung from the tree branches...  It was really nice when I went down to the shop and pulled out my ribbon, lace, etc. bin and found the color ribbon I was looking for to attach to the bail for the hanging device.  

 I have made, and am still making, and will be making right up until Christmas day.... a lot more of my gifts this year...just because I think it makes a more personal gift....and I have been exploring the marvelous Etsy vendors for handmade....and I am hoping for a jovial, fun day.

My living room has deep red and sage green walls so it seems as if the Christmas tree has just blended....  Hopefully this year it will make a "statement".... of sorts.

Tomorrow we will go after the tree which is going to go on a table and I can take my time and decorate adding ornaments as I finish and before making/adding more....  It would be nice if at least the tree was done for Thanksgiving but  am not holding my breath....

So stay tuned for the "finale"....

Have a great Thanksgiving and week everyone.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.