Fire in the Sky

 Today was a rainy, dismal, grey day...but we need the rain so I am not going to complain AND I like to paint when its' raining....don't know why.....  This is Fire in the Sky  done with 
      1.   flat, liner, and Dynasty Dry Brush..... using the sizes you feel will provide the correct proporiton according to the size of your Surface item or canvas:  I strongly recommend Black Gold Dynasty Brushes which is the product I use and endorse and truly believe they have the best line of brushes on the market.
     2.     Liquitex soft body paints in Cadium Red, Burnt Umber, Cadium Yellow,  White, Cadium Orange, Parchment, Sage Green,  Canyon Black,  and Hookers Green.  If you don't use Liquitex .... use the colors of YOUR choice.  
    3.  I brush mix my that I get many different hues of colors within the design.  

IF....  I were going to leave the painting like this in the frame I think that I would go back and paint the inside square of the frame  Burnt Umber........  But I thought it might be fun to turn this into an 
altered art piece.... taking it one step further and in a different dirrection.
I used two different cameras with the top 2 being one camera and the bottom being taken with another camera and is actually the one that best shows the color(s).  I "THINK" that it is DONE and I have it displayed on a small wood easel with a bowl of rocks beside it.... So fall.
So fun.   I wanted rich colors, with subdued elements.  I have used a silk leaf, silk yarn, a crochet hook, chopstick and 5 different buttons in brass, copper and silver....  I have some clear dots that I adhered to the outside of the class which give the illusion of big drops of rain....and 2 silver dots which might indicate a couple of snow flurries...who knows?  

The canvas is 4 x 4 and the frame I had a hand that really worked well with the painted what I had painted....and was actually not planned ahead of time.

So feel free to play with this easy design and make yourself a special fall mixed media painting.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.